2022 Best Computer Shop in Putalisadak,Kathmandu – Microplus

Posted on: August 19, 2022

2022 Best Computer Shop in Putalisadak, Kathmandu Provide Laptop, Desktop along with other IT related gadgets like Projectors Printers, Video Conference etc.

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2022 Best Computer Shop in Putalisadak,Kathmandu - Microplus

Inside Image of Our Computer Shop

2022 Best Computer Shop in Putalisadak,Kathmandu - Microplus

Image of Customer in Our Computer Shop


2022 Best Computer Shop in Putalisadak,Kathmandu - Microplus

Outside Image of Our Computer Shop


Microplus Private Limited has been a reputable vendor of multiple brands of Computer and IT accessories along with repairing services. Providing you well with best computer-related equipment, software, and accessories in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. Microplus is one of the top technological sectors. Here, we provide you the latest gadgets, featuring desktops, laptops, gaming laptops, tablets, televisions, LCD/LED, Mobile and Computer accessories, and the most recent gaming devices and consoles.

Ever since foundation in 2005, Microplus has constantly provided service in the field of Computer and IT accessories Supply and Maintenance. It really has gained the trust of numerous industries including NGO, INGO, Government Offices, the health sector, banks, insurance, schools, and Other visiting customers.

To build our own value chain system, we can address fundamental problems. Thanks to our trained engineers and knowledgeable technicians We provide material life for the dead by maintaining in scientific manner that is at odds with traditional repair principles and cutting-edge equipment. we extend their useful lives with guaranteed and insured services. We assist consumers in locating used IT items at an affordable price. Now the best Computer Shop in Putalisadak in 2022 is Microplus.


Reason for choosing Microplus?


Customer Relations : We offer the most comprehensive selection of genuine IT accessories at the most affordable pricing, while also paying close attention to customer feedback and interactions. A warranty on repairing and purchasing services is provided. We provide our customers with competitive pricing, high quality, variety, and convenience, as well as Free Shipping and Fast Delivery.

Terms of Return : Accept returns or exchanges within a week of the purchase date. Your perfect satisfaction with your purchase is our top priority. Simply return the item to us within a week after delivery if a Microplus product you ordered falls short of your expectations, and you’ll get a full refund.

Expert repair service : We have years of experience in the computer field. Having all-qualified employees with the best qualities you desire.

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Products of Microplus


Accesories : Cable & Connectors, CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drives, Computers Speakers, Flash Drivers(USB), Keyboards & Keypads, Laptop Batteries, Laptop Cases, Mice & TrackBalls, Power Adapters and Webcams.

Computers : Desktop and Laptop and Tablets.

Data Storage : Network Attached Storage(NAS), Hard Disk Drive(HDD) Solid State Drive(SSD), CD/DVD Media and Tape Cartridges.

Printer : Document Scanners, Dot matrix Scanners, Ink & Toner, Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Label Printers, Office Machines, Multifunction Printers, Print Accessories and Receipt Printers.

Monitors & Projectors : Monitor & Display Projectors.

Electronics & Devices : Barcode Readers/Scanners, Computer & Phone Headsets and Sound Systems & Speakers.


PC & Server Components : RAM, Sound Cards and Video Cards.

Software : Antivirus & Security, Business Software, Backup Software, Networking Software and Website & Web Application.

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  • Provide an experiential work environment for your employees.
  • Providing guaranteed and insured services to consumers.
  • Endorsing the use of recycled electronics.
  • Describe each product.
  • Loyalty Honesty rely on creativity Accountability Simplicity Respectful, customer-focused personnel.
  • We want to give our customers with strategic IT support on a personal level in addition to adaptable IT solutions for large businesses.
  • Fixing laptop and PC hardware issues (including fan change, motherboard and make it clean).
  • Genuine cost replacement for laptop screens for all models and brands.
  • Changing the batteries in laptops with various wattages, sizes, and models.
  • Repairing faulty Laptop hinges.
  • Warranty-backed replacement services for standard to gaming keyboards.
  • Offer the greatest cameras, USBs, projectors, and other IT accessories.

                                         This is the reason Customer says 2022 Best Computer Shop in Putalisadak is Microplus.